order atarax online EDUCATION

buy prednisolone for cats uk – 2014   MFA in Visual Art and Curatorial Studies, NABA, Milan, Italy.

order Divalproex pills – 2011   Terminal degree in Sculpture, Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, Italy.

– 2010   Semester abroad at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, with a full scholarship, Minneapolis, USA.


– 2017   Sailing Fields, curated by Theo-Mario Coppola, Primo Piano / Intermezzo Residency, Paris.

– 2016   Accidental Solutions, with Chiara Bettazzi, curated by AlessandroGallicchio for NESXT Festival, Turin, 2016. // In War In Peace, final exhibition of a two weeks residency, curated by Pietro Gaglianò at Borgo del Ponte, Massa, Italy.

– 2012   Portfolio, curated by Pietro Gaglianò, EX3 Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy.

– 2011   On the Ideology of Snow: Shifts (Part 1), with Jennifer Danos, Kiehle Gallery, St. Cloud State University, Minnesota. // On the Ideology of Snow: Shifts (Part 2), with Jennifer Danos, Dressing Room, Minneapolis, Minnesota.


– 2017   Deposito d’Arte Italiana Presente, curated by Ilaria Bonacossa e Vittoria Martini, Artissima, Turin. // Villa Romana Open Studios, curated by Angelika Stepken, Villa Romana, Florence, 2017. // Drodesera, , Live Works Performance Award Act.5, Centrale FIES, Trento, Italy. // Shelters and Libraries, curated by Pietro Gaglianò, ABC Arte, Genoa, Italy. // Teatrum Botanicum, PAV (Parco d’Arte Vivente), Turin, Italy. // This is the End, cycle of performances, curated by Elena Magini, Museo Pecci, Prato, Italy. // The Great Learning, curated by Marco Scotini at Triennale di Milano, Milan, Italy. // Sensibile Comune, curated by Cesare Pietroiusti, Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Rome, Italy.

– 2016   Studi, shared open studio between the artists of SC17 and the fellows of Villa Romana Florence at Studio Corte 17, Prato, Italy. // TU35, talents under 35, second edition, Pecci Museum, Prato, Italy. // Learning from Lascaux, curated by Fabio Carnaghi, Prehistory Museum Paolo Graziosi, Florence, Italy. // Ambienta, curated by Giacomo Zaganelli, Roccamare, Italy.

– 2015   Vitrine, curated by Trial Version and Spela Zidar, Officina Giovani, inside the project TU35 of Pecci Museum, Prato, Italy. // Florenz Contemporary, curated by Angelika Stepken at Berlin Italian Embassy, Germany. // Walking On the Planet, curated by Pietro Gaglianò, Casa Masaccio, San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy.

– 2014   FAM Award, Officine Chiaramontane, Agrigento, Italy. // Prato Sarajevo Art Invasion, museo Pecci, Prato. // Right Before I Was, curated by Lucia Giardino, FAIR, Florence.

– 2013   Disumanesimi, Biagiotti Progetto Arte, curated by Marco Scotini, Florence, Italy. // Madeinfilandia 2013, Pieve a Presciano, Arezzo, Italy. // La Mala Educaciòn, curated by Pietro Gaglianò, Biagiotti Progetto Arte, Florence, Italy.

– 2012   Dalla Memoria alla Materia, curated by Andris Brinkmanis, Quartiere Umanitaria, Milan, Italy.

– 2011   The Wall (Archives) #2, a project by Pietro Gaglianò, Ex officine automobilistiche, Rome, Italy. // The International, curated by Liv Taylor and Rosie Ashley, Minneapolis, USA.

– 2010   Sul Disegnare, curated by Lorenzo Bruni, Via Nuova Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy. // Storie dai Margini, Teatro Studio, Scandicci, Italy. // Colors and Colori, curated by Angela Nocentini and Edoardo Malagigi at FAF, Florence, Italy.


– 2016   Cantieri Aperti, residency, Borgo del Ponte,Massa, Italy.

– 2015   Walking on the Planet, residency, Casa Masaccio, San Giovanni Valdarno, Florence, Italy.

– 2014   Prato Sarajevo Art Invasion, residency, Pecci Museum, Prato, Italy

– 2013   Madeinfilandia 2013, Pieve a Presciano,  Arezzo, Italy (residency).

– 2012   And And And…, Documenta 13, art assistent of Ayreen Anastas and Rene Gabri, Kassel, Germany (fellowship).


– 2017   Live Works Performance Award Act.5, Centrale FIES, Trento, Italy.

– 2011   Spazio Elastico scholarship, for the MFA program in Visual Art and Curatorial Studies, NABA, department Director Marco Scotini, Milan, Italy.

– 2010   Honor exchange scholarship, MCAD, Minneapolis, USA.

– 2007   Fantasy Fountain Fund, Inc scholarship, New York, USA.


– 2017   Professor for the Color Class, Strate Design, Paris, France.

– 2014   Professor in the department of Visual Art (2014 / 2017), Florence University of Arts, Florence, Italy .